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I sat there.
I sat there and said nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not a sound escaped my lips.
I just sat there. And I looked. All I did was look.
I looked at you of course. Wondering why you said all that you had.
But who am I? Apparently no one according to you.
So I sat there and I looked.
What exactly caused you to say all that you did?
I'm sorry. I'm quite confused. . .
What did I do wrong? I'm thinking in my head.
I don't dare say anything out loud, I'm afraid of the response.
What caused you to lash out so?
Aren't we supposed to be friends? Friends till the end I thought.
I guess my thoughts are only dreams. Maybe even fantasies? I'm not exactly sure anymore.
As I try to get out what I feel; you decide that it is enough, and just walk away.
Didn't even give me a chance. A chance to express in words, how much you meant to me.
You just walked away. Left me standing there, my mouth full of words.
And it hurts me to say, I still care about you in the same way.
Even though you left me standing there in fear. . .
A very important person to me, ended up calling me many things and telling me to get out of their life. After all the horrible things that person said to me, I just couldn't say anything back.
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February 28, 2012
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